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[Ron Paul] an inflexible ideologue who subscribes to a variety of extremist views which would make a terrible basis for national policy. His interpretation of the Constitution is highly selective. He seems not to recognize terms like “public welfare” and “common good” and rejects the long history of Constitutional scholarship and jurisprudence on which most law is based. His understanding of the economy is based on fringe economic theories which most serious economists do not consider credible. The Washington Post offers an interesting look at what would result if his plans were implemented. As for foreign policy, it’s an area in which Paul has no experience at all and his foreign policy would basically amount to isolationism which would have disastrous economic and political repercussions.

Of course, in all of this they neglect to point out some of the other negatives which many bring up about Paul. For example, they completely overlook Paul’s support for the reactionary conspiracy nuts at the John Birch Society and the reprehensible 9/11 Truth movement or the fact that he raises money on white supremacist websites and has the endorsement of racist leaders like former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, White Aryan leader Tom Metzger and Stormfront Fuhrer Don Black. That’s a lot worse than McCain’s endorsement from marginally crazy Reverend John Hagee. And let’s not forget Paul’s years of racist newsletter articles, a scandal he just hasn’t been able to get away from.

“A Reality Check for the Ron Paul Fringe,” by Dave Nalle. Nalle is the chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus, a group that promotes libertarianism within the Republican Party. (via ryking)

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