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Breaking Wave is a kinetic sculpture designed by Plebian Design and Hypersonic for the biotechnology company Biogen-Idec’s new headquarters in Cambridge, MA.

About the project:

Breaking Wave tells the story of the search for patterns, and the surprising results that come by changing our point of view. 804 suspended spheres move in a wave-like formation. When the wave crests and breaks, the balls hover momentarily in a cloud. From almost anywhere in the room, this cloud is purely chaotic, but step into one of two hidden spots, and this apparent chaos shows a hidden pattern. From the first, a labyrinth hints at the search for knowledge, and from the second, a Fibonacci spiral inspired flower reminds us of the natural order and patterns found in nature.

Scientists search through billions of experimental data points in order to find patterns to develop new drugs, to treat Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, and other diseases. Without a particular framework or perspective, these are just 0’s and 1’s, with no form or information. But with the perspective of an understanding of molecular dynamics, these data points create a clear picture about the hidden dynamics within the body, and allow scientists to craft drugs to successfully treat these diseases.

Above the sculpture lies the mechanism that drives its motion. A motor drives a large rotating stainless steel cam. 36 rollers follow the contour of the cam, which traces out the overall waveform. Each roller slides on a linear track, pulling a cable that spins one of the 36 output shafts. Distributed along each shaft are different sized drums from which the wooden sphere (coated in zinc and steel, and then rusted chemically) are hung. As the shafts rotate, the drums pull the balls up and down – larger drums pull balls higher. In this way, the size of the 804 drums mechanically programs the images hidden in the cloud of balls.

See it in motion in this video:

Breaking Wave from PLEBIAN DESIGN on Vimeo.

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America’s False Confidence on Ebola -- NYMag

"But this is the first time that the global health system has seen Ebola on this scale, and the first time Western health systems have seen it at all. Caring for people with Ebola in a modern health-care system, in other words, is a novel human experience, and it is subject to human uncertainty and error. The key question to ask turns out not to be whether the CDC can say what procedures nurses need to take to keep themselves from contracting the virus, but whether nurses with minimal special training will actually be able to take them, and whether a hospital that the virus chose to visit at random will be able to concisely explain it to them. The key question turns out not to be whether nurses will ask a new febrile patient in the ER whether he has traveled to West Africa recently, but whether — under the routine stress of life in a hospital — nurses and doctors will be able to accurately weigh the importance of that information. Human systems like this are more complicated than they look."

Blythe Baird - “Girl Code 101” (NPS 2014)


Stonekettle Station: Self Abuse

"See, freedom in America is different from freedom elsewhere.

In America, freedom means rights without responsibility.

In America, freedom means the right to the most vile of hate speech without consequence or penalty.

In America, freedom means the right to publish provable falsehoods and gibbering panic and drooling conspiracy theories as fact for profit.

In America, freedom means the right to utterly ignore science and just substitute in whatever magic fairy dust you like regardless of the consequences to future generations.

In America, freedom means the right to violent religious extremism without restriction of any kind, tax free in fact.

In America, freedom means the right to beat the drums of war without having to go yourself, or send your children.

In America, freedom means the right to gather together under the guise of political assembly and openly plot to take away the freedoms and the liberty of those with different political beliefs, or religions, or skin colors, or sexual orientations.

In America, freedom means the right to profit hugely without taxation, to take without return, to destroy entire industries without a second thought, to pollute the environment without personal consequence, to grow wealthy beyond dreams while impoverishing millions of your fellows, to benefit enormously from the nation’s protection and prestige without having to give back in any way.

Why, here in America we are so free that we can openly engage in war against our own nation.”

The Stargazer's Journey

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Darrin Bell Cartoon from 2014-10-03


Darrin Bell Cartoon from 2014-10-03

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Most beautifull fire escape - 13th St. near Chestnut, Philadelphia

Brian McFadden


If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.

Edward Bernays, Propaganda (via hoomanao)

My take:

This is *not* news - and, if you watch the “news,” you are being manipulated by these very same forces…

The finished product - *still* rocks yer socks off, chirrens…

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Alex Howitt, Rainy Day

Alex Howitt, Rainy Day

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All skate…

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A connecting principle,
Linked to the invisible
Almost imperceptible
Something inexpressible.
Science insusceptible
Logic so inflexible
Causally connectible
Yet nothing is invincible.

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Jay Maisel: New York in the ’50s

Photographer Jay Maisel has spent the last 60 years visually documenting New York City. Born in Brooklyn, Maisel studied painting and graphic design at Cooper Union and Yale, and started working with photography in 1954. Since then he’s shot Sports Illustrated swimsuit covers, the first two covers of  New York Magazine, album covers, 12 years of advertising assignments for United Technologies. He’s also won many awards, including an Infinity Award from the International Center of Photography and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society of Media Photographers.

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Religion … I think this just about says it all!


Religion … I think this just about says it all!